Euine Fay Jones (1921 –2004)

E. Fay Joneswas an American architect and designer. An apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright, Jones is the only one of Wright's disciples to have received the AIA Gold Medal (1990),. He also achieved international prominence as an architectural educator during his 35 years of teaching at the University of Arkansas School of Architecture. Jones preferred the rural quiet of the Arkansas mountains to the urban landscape; he ignored architectural trends and developed his own organic aesthetic with materials found in The Ozarks and familiar traditional forms from his home region. Jones's work focused primarily on the intimate rather than the grandiose. His most renowned works were chapels and private homes.

Jones used Frank Lloyd Wright's principles but made unique buildings. His best known building Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas which was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2000. . The modest structure, a filigree of wood timbers and sheathed in glass, is tucked away in the woods of the Ozarks. The criss-crossing light wood frame recalls the surrounding trees, and the general feel one gets from sitting in Thorncrown is communion with nature — the primary guiding principle of that architectural project. In a poll of the membership of the American Institute of Architects, Thorncrown Chapel was ranked as the fourth most favoured building. Thorncrown was also selected as the best American building constructed since 1980.

Other buildings by Jones include the Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel in Bella Vista, Arkansas; the Pinecote Pavilion at the Crosby Arboretum in Picayune, Mississippi; and the Anthony Chapel located at Garvan Woodland Gardens in Hot Springs, Arkansas which was built by his partner, Maurice Jennings. These buildings were simple and transcendental creations of wood. Jones also designed the Marty Leonard Chapel in Fort Worth, Texas

Ave Maria’s chapel (shown here) design also reflects the Wayfarer’s Chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Built [by Lloyd Wright, son of Frank Lloyd Wright] for a Swedenborgian congregation, this structure of redwood frame, glass, and blue tile achieves a unique effect because of the vista of sea, sky, and hills.
Basilica Church of Ave Maria, Florida (E Fay Jones, 2004-10) (2)Basilica Church of Ave Maria, Florida (E Fay Jones, 2004-10) (3)Basilica Church of Ave Maria, Florida (E Fay Jones, 2004-10) (1)Basilica Church of Ave Maria, Florida (E Fay Jones, 2004-10) (4)