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The Barbican: architecture and light

by Alan Ainsworth




Architectural photography strives to capture a sense of place. But what does this mean? And how is it created in the extraordinary design of London’s massive – and unique – Barbican Centre?

Introducing his collection of stunning black-and-white photographs of the Barbican, Alan Ainsworth suggests that the architects’ concern for the play of light and shadows helps create a genuine sense of place. This little-remarked perspective is perhaps one of the most important aspects of the design of the complex. Alan Ainsworth’s striking photography captures this facet of the architects’ vision in an unusual and refreshing view of one of the great architectural achievements in post-war Britain.

With contributions from a number of experts, this book will appeal to anyone interested in architecture, design and urban planning and the role of photography.



Published by Oblique Publishing, 2015. Soft cover, 225pp. UK £15.00 EUR 20.00 US $22.50








New City: Contemporary Architecture in the City of London


Alec Forshaw

Photography by Alan Ainsworth




New City cover



The last 25 years has witnessed redevelopment in the City of London on an unprecedented scale following the deregulation of the financial markets, the so-called ‘Big Bang’, in the mid-1980s. 


As the City has earned its place as a true global financial centre, the majority of its office space has been rebuilt, and developers have taken a more adventurous approach, commissioning such leading British and international architects as Norman Foster, Rem Koolhaas, Jean Nouvel and Richard Rogers. New City is the first book to examine in depth the creation of one of the world’s largest collections of cutting-edge architecture. 


Authoritatively written by Alec Forshaw, a former urban planner, and with all-new photography by architectural specialist Alan Ainsworth, this is an indispensable architectural guide for professionals and the public alike: 


  • The first book to explore the large-scale redevelopment of the City of London since the mid-1980s
  • Features 200 specially commissioned colour photographs
  • An essential reference for tourists, architectural students and professionals, and anyone interested in modern architecture


Published by Merrell Publishing, 2013. Soft cover, 225pp. UK £19.95 US $29.95





Clerkenwell: Change and Renewal

by Alan Ainsworth



Clerkenwell cover


Clerkenwell - now one of London's most sought-after City fringe areas - is widely regarded as a model of modern European urban renaissance.  Yet, only 30 years ago, Clerkenwell was an industrial area in decline. What factors lie behind the changes?  And what have been their effects?


Alan Ainsworth’s book, Clerkenwell: Change and Renewal, addresses these questions for the first time.  Throughout its history, Clerkenwell is shown to have been an area in transition, and the recent renaissance is the latest example of the area adapting to change. The book is richly illustrated with original images which vividly capture the spirit of this vibrant City fringe.


Published by ObliqueImage, 2011.  Soft cover, 180pp. £16.95





An Urban Eye: The Image of Modernity

by Alan Ainsworth



Urban Eye cover


In a detailed introduction to this portfolio of over 50 recent urban photographs, Alan Ainsworth traces the history of photography's engagement with the modern city. He shows how street photography has been approached and the techniques used by the great street photographers.


The photographs presented in this book are Alan Ainsworth's interpretation of the contemporary city. Societies today have changed dramatically since the classic days of urban photography in London, Paris and New York.  The task of the photographer today is to capture this dynamism, something which these striking images achieve with force and clarity


Published by AJohnA Books, 2013. Soft cover, 76pp. £25.00





The Spirit of Clerkenwell (Exhibition Catalogue)

by Alan Ainsworth




Spirit of Clerkenwell cover


Alan Ainsworth's striking photography of life, work and architecture in London's Clerkenwell presents a portrait of a  revived and non-vibrant residential and commercial area. This catalogue, which accompanied Alan Ainsworth's 2013 exhibition, contains 60 specially-taken photographs of the people and streets of this unique area.


As he says in his introduction: "A picture emerges of Clerkenwell as an area which was - and still is - unusual, dynamic, full of character, to which interesting and creative people were - and still are - attracted. Clerkenwell is convenient for the City and the West End but where the culture is quite different from these established areas. It has all the best features of a genuine city fringe."


Published by AJohnA Books, 2013. Soft cover, 76pp. £15.00