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"The Interview" by the Gao Brothers, Saathci Gallery "Pangea II"

September 05, 2015
Goa Zhen and Gao Qiang are avant-garde Chinese artists whose work often brings them into conflict with the authorities. Their exhibitions, which continually push at the b...
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PHOTOGRAPHY AND THE HISTORICISM OF POVERTY: Shirley Baker at the Photographers' Gallery

August 29, 2015
Shirley Baker: Women, Children and Loitering Men Photographers’ Gallery (until September 20 2015) “Street photography” (more on that term later) has been around vir...
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PONTE CITY, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, 6 December 2014-26 April 2015

August 23, 2015
Ponte City, a photographic project led by Mikhael Subotzky and Patrick Waterhouse shown recently at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh, demonstrates how...
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CHRIS STEIN’S PHOTOS OF DEBBIE HARRY – the journey of a personal archive

December 27, 2014
There won’t be many visiting Somerset House’s exhibition of Chris Stein’s photographs of Debbie Harry and musicians from the ‘70s New York art scene who recognize as few...
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December 16, 2014
The Barbican’s latest exhibition presents nineteen leading photographers whose work explores the idea of architecture as a process which crucially shapes modes of human e...
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THINKING ABOUT EDWARD STEICHEN – the architectonic use of light

December 12, 2014
I was shocked on one occasion to read Edward Steichen described as a ‘street photographer’. It is hard to imagine a photographer for whom this label is less appropriate a...
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A MASTER OF CAR PHOTOGRAPHY - Peter Harholdt's set up

December 03, 2014
Image - Peter Harholdt's brochure If you're attracted to the idea of photographing beautiful cars – vintage, classic, racing or whatever - you might think about buying...
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'PWA MODERNE' - US Depression-era architecture

November 24, 2014
The entrance to the Nashville Post Office (converted in 2001 into the Frist Center for the Visual Arts) I recently visited two stunning art deco-influenced buildings in...
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ELGER ESSER'S PHOTOGRAPHY - a new romanticism?

November 16, 2014
No one would be surprised to learn that one of Germany's most respected contemporary photographers was a student of Bernd Becher at the Academy of Arts in Dusseldorf. Aft...
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RUTH BERNHARD: BODY AND FORM - Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, Tampa.

November 13, 2014
The Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, which opened in 2001 and now located in the museum quarter in Tampa, has built a reputation for well-curated, stimulating exhibit...
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INSIDE CLYDE BUTCHER'S STUDIO - a master printer at work

November 08, 2014
Clyde Butcher is one of America's leading landscape photographers. He has photographed in most areas of the United States but is probably best known for his work in Flori...
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O. WINSTON LINK - more than a railway photographer

October 27, 2014
I confess this post doesn’t sound promising. It is about O. Winston Link, a little-known photographer who specialized in photographing steam trains. But stay with me - i...
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AMERICAN PHOTOGRAPHS - Alec Soth and others in Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin

October 24, 2014
A certain meaning and format has come to be associated with the term "American Photographs" which seems to reflect the detached and laconic fashion in which a number of i...
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SARAH CHARLESWORTH 'STILLS' - Chicago Institute of Art

October 15, 2014
As part of their celebration of 50 years of photographic curation, the Art Institute of Chicago is currently showing 'Stills', a work from 1980 by the American artist Sar...
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September 24, 2014
Why has black and white photography been able to maintain a vibrant presence in a world dominated by color images? The answer must be that monochrome images are particula...
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